Tuesday, September 20, 2016

CHC: All brain washed

The former CHC investment manager told the high court he was brain washed and I think he might had some sympathy for the bench that was what happened to him.

Very likely all of them except Khong Hee and Sun Ho were brain washed but these two eventually came to believe their own propaganda as well.

Every week at least once they need to go to church with a clear conscience. There is no other way to live except with a clear conscience even it it was lied to thoroughly. This is self deception that is most thorough.

Followers of Daesh are also brain washed but we deal with them differently because they go out killing innocents. Part of their brain washing required that they were doing God's work by killing "infidels".

Religion can be a big problem. It is always ranked above the secular and so hauling these men and women of the church to court and trying them will always be controversial to their hardcore believers.

Perhaps we are all brain washed as well but the majority gets to decide what isn't brain washing.

Nevertheless time reveals the truth. A brain washed group eventually ends and the evidence of no brain washing is the growth, discoveries and life that keeps on renewing the group or society. North Korean society is brain washed. It has tested our patience for many years but it should not end well.

So if you are wary of CHC type of religion, by all means erect your wall against it. Time will confirm if they are a brain washed lot. Meanwhile beware of their subterfuge in infecting you with their gospel.

The only gospel I accept are people not just talking but walking the life of Jesus. By that measure it is far easier and more practical to read the historical Jesus than to go hunting of a living and breathing one in Singapore today.

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  1. It is a civic and moral duty to help the brainwashed to finally understand that they have been brainwashed, explain how it happened, and to show them that this happens to people at all levels of society, the highly educated and the less educated alike, so they will accept that there is no need to be embarrassed, but rather embrace that they have learned a the valuable lesson, and are now aware of the tactics to prevent it from happening again. That is a noble cause.