Thursday, April 23, 2015

SMRT and LTA admitted they were clueless

So it is true that SMRT and LTA do not understand the train system (ST yesterday). Sad it took them so long to admit and ask for help. If they had more sense of shame and responsibility that would have gotten to this point much sooner. Wasting time and money.


  1. In their numerous projects with their contractors/subcontractors, it is a well known fact that they are also known as the big bullies. As a result, many contractors suffer big time because of their onerous terms and conditions as almost everything under the sky is supposed to be included in their contracts including unforeseen circumstances.

    Maybe they got sabotaged by affected contractors/subcontractors. The right solution should be they must be fair and reasonable when it comes to dealing with contractors/subcontractors and not treating them as if they all out to cheat the Govt.

    Maybe now is payback time. So at times when most they need help, nobody is bothered. Can you see what I mean ?

  2. I hope they have the right foresight to identify the right experts to do the job for them. Outsourcing does not abdicate responsibility

  3. THe funny thing is that it was obvious to everyone the management was clueless for a long time. By the way, this is a cultural thing. There are probably dozens of government related companies in the same fix. Their solution is to charge you for their mistakes.

  4. If I were the general the first thing I would have done when I started would be to hire MTR HK as consultants. And as part of their recommendations I suspect parts of the network might have to be shut down to facilitate repairs/maintenance.

    But hey, I am not a general.

    And I suspect they wouldn't hire MTR HK as pride will get in the way.

    1. I believe many share your sentiments on this.