Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blog Hiatus

I have lost many blog posts because the last five days were just very busy days. I didn't even get enough work done. Didn't realize how joining some of these Whatsapp chat groups can use up so much of your time. Nevertheless it was worth it. People more important than business and definitely higher priority than these blog postings unless they were written for my children.

Over the last few days many friends were running around trying to help another friend who was hospitalized at NUH critically ill. Sadly he didn't survive his cardiac arrest and passed away. Then it was a busy time (much more so for the others than me) getting set up for the funeral wake and all sorts of unobvious must-dos. He left behind a wife and no kids, so the bereaved widow needed lots of help. The poor wife is completely disoriented feeling totally marooned. Three of us went to comfort and spent some time with her yesterday afternoon. It was peaceful and quiet then. Evening time is when most visitors appear and you wonder at the purpose of all the noise and even laughter. Folks posing for photo ops smiling. Too many people cannot even keep quiet when eulogies were given. It is as if the deceased and family were side shows.

We are a cultural melting pot and people often do not know how to behave appropriately.


  1. I am not sure whether people these days even have respect for themselves. Chanced upon this campaign at Central to get 5000 people to sign up to pose and have their photos taken to form a SG50 photo montage - on the floor of the building, where people would walk all over the images!! I remember some years back some "creative" marketing genius placed the face of Jesus on the floor of the orchard mrt station where commuters were walking all over, Tells a lot of how much respect people are according to - even themselves! No wonder it is such fun shouting and waving when the hearse carrying the coffin of the founding father passed through the streets

  2. wonder when will that lady who squatted outside mcpherson mrt station make her golden deposit on one or more of the faces?