Saturday, April 11, 2015

Always stopping for NParks Facebook Pictures

Unless I am in a real rush, I always pause, slow down and enjoy the flowers NParks put up. They are just special. I have tons of pictures of flowers from elsewhere but these are our pictures and many of the places featured are familiar. Often I had driven pass them recently but these photo contributors provided a much more beautiful perspective I can't get from behind the wheel. Besides my eyes are mostly focused on where the car is going.

From garden city, garden in a city to city in a garden, Singapore is at its best when she combines idealism with pragmatism. Just as Dhana reminded us in his eulogy for LKY. He could have chosen the majority Chinese to dominate this place but instead went for the much harder and arduous task of multi-racialism. Of course, a single race dominating over other minorities would certainly have led to us tearing ourselves apart. Similarly, the failure to green this island would make this place unlivable.

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