Monday, October 13, 2014

Two FTs to help in Ebola Hell

They have already made two trips and are eager to go again into the epicenter of Ebola.  Really salute these two FTs from Australia. Sharon Salmon is the nurse and Prof Dale Fisher the senior doc must be scared stiff of dying from Ebola infection but stared fear in its face and went.

I recalled I was just completely discouraged when I came across so many reports how incompetent these West African governments are and how local superstitions and culture only served to worsen the epidemic. I wondered how to help them without also fighting them at the same time.

The answer is an old fashioned and certainly not some pedantic big idea Kishore style: One patient at a time and if you can add productivity all the better. In the end, it is still a story of doing small things with great love while waiting for the Calvary to arrive. If we don't even buy the time for large organized solutions to come together this problem will find its way to every corner of the earth.

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