Thursday, October 16, 2014

Synod on the Family: Francis on the God of surprises

I am not a Catholic. Yesterday a parent from my kids' school shared a link to an article I couldn't find now. Nevertheless I managed to google similar articles and I like this one from the UK Catholic Herald.

I like to use the incident of the huge sheet of forbidden animals that came to Peter but the Pope has far better ways to communicate the same ideas. Another story I like to use is living and expecting Joseph stories. People shouldn't stress themselves silly for nothing trying to plan their lives. We have far less control than we like to think, especially the achievers.

Francis: If laws don’t lead people to Jesus, they are obsolete

Lawrence Khong has been quite successful at turning non believers off Christianity. I cringed whenever I read in the papers, "staunch Christian". If we do not have a reputation of caring deeply, we have failed. We have really failed.

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