Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shanmugam: Western media biased toward China

There was a time when you could just read the ST or Zaobao and by and large take their reading of events. That time has past because we have become global and cosmopolitan.

Of course every media report is biased. Shanmugam was stating the obvious.

More than ever with the amazing plethora of choices of news before us people must learn to be VERY clear what their interests are. Most important everyone must understand the gap between what they want and what the government is delivering. The gap will always be there and sometimes it is to be welcomed especially when we trade our narrow self interests for the greater good.

It is in the West interest to make everywhere be like them. Until that happen the West think the world is a dangerous place. At China's end they just want to trade and be left alone. As China gets stronger her ability to say NO also gets bigger. Hong Kong is the litmus test for those who are still not clued in.

Most important we locals must balance the influences around us to our advantage but we regularly see how too many of our "best and brightest" unthinkingly buy what the West offer. We see this among the best and brightest of the young in Hong Kong. We had witnessed it in Gorbachev and even Hu Yaobang. LKY and GKS were once infected with the Fabian philosophy but they recovered quickly.

Ideas are the most useful and also most dangerous thing in the world. A Satanic idea is powering the ISIL.

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