Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blogging for Myself: Privacy matters

If not for emails like these that I had signed up for earlier I wouldn't have known about his clip. I never surf YouTube. It is potentially one of the most time wasting activities.

There is an interesting TED clip today. I could only spare 10 out of the 20 mins but I think I already know where the guy is coming from. I can always continue where I left off later.

I agree that privacy is not just very, but life and death important. All the man have done is made an extended case with examples after examples basically calling out as liars those who trivialize this. In particular Eric Schmidt from Google.

So let's be honest about this eh?

Blogging for myself as the name for this blog is my way of telling people don't come, but if you want to, please don't expect me to write in a reader friendly manner.

Blogging for myself is public because there is no such thing as private on the Internet. If you really want privacy then take a page from Deng and Suharto. Don't record it. Keep it in your head and pray there is no such thing as a perfect mind reader in your lifetime. Even so Ezra Vogel managed to produce a paper weight worthy book on Deng.

Privacy should be respected but also let the privacy wars continue. Fragile humans need such conflict to stay honest and become stronger, more resilient.

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