Thursday, October 2, 2014

A lout's disservice to the British community

We had Anton Casey and now another lout from his country is about to join Anton soon. I wouldn't bother to check but I wonder what the British community is buzzing about this oaf on and off line.

I hope the appeal judge up his sentence. Have fun in jail! Meanwhile sorry about losing your job. It was all your own doing. You should just go back to the UK and never come back. Sorry again if you can't get a job back home.

And what is the purpose of giving this idiot publicity? To discourage other like minded ones from the UK.

Oops! I forgot to mention his name: JAMES GEORGE PALIN.


  1. wor wor wor that's fast, hold ur trigger baby

    those are one speedy dangerous mean reckless driver

    maybe the rider did not do correctly by rules

    but the driver definitely not saint either

    1. True, the driver could have shown more courtesy by letting the bike push ahead first but there was nothing wrong for him to move off first as long as he has given enough clearance to the bike.

      The camera told the story but not the whole story because the device can't see the sides. I pass there every day and I have a clear view what the left and right side is like.

      Therefore you can expect TP not to act against the driver especially when he was also not speeding.

  2. There may be some chow anggmohs but I encountered one more chow local chinese who stopped my car along Joo Chiat Road once and banged on my bonnet. And actually he was blocking the road by not deciding whether to turn into a building car park or not and was "so irritated" when I horned him once. He must be so fortunate that I did not have a camera installed or else his fat ugly chowkar face would go viral.

  3. Simply too much foreign trash we have on our island, of many nationalities. Sometimes I wish we have draconian measures of some Middle East countries where foreigners are really treated as 2nd class, not the other way around. Sad thing is our boys have to sacrifice their time to ensure rubbish such as Palin get to work in a "safe" environment. Really shortchanged as a citizen.

  4. Unless our government change their mindset, we will have to continue to anticipate this sort of aggression. Good luck Singapore. Sharing my thoughts on the Basis of a Leader:

    Sadly, not only is he not doing that, he is doing the reverse by being Xenomania...