Saturday, October 11, 2014

A development milestone?

I just bookmarked this to be read using my HD tablet later. My PC display may be exceptionally large at 21.5" especially when I am sitting so close to it but its resolution is poor at between 100 to 200 ppi

I vaguely recall the first time I stayed up the whole night and before that many nights which I was just too sleepy to keep my eyes open. These are physical development milestones doctors don't track and I don't keep a journal.

A deep desire to read a long article on a display that can display text like a printed magazine must be scored as another developmental milestone. My mom must have felt somewhat similarly whenever she called upon me to help thread her sewing needle.

It is no effort to read this off my PC display if the article is about topics that engage me, but what interest do I have for fashion? I mostly study what is regarded by most consumers to be peripherals. E.g., how the money in the business flow, the competition and politics etc., May be I will stray somewhat into the stuff that dazzles and titillate the senses, the created beauty, this is just my personal approach of bringing down the pain threshold as part of my discipline to be more broad minded.

And to ask questions and satisfy my curiosity of the interesting people I come across on and off. Of course I take are not to ask how much he/she paid for it. I always offer such people a perspective they never thought of. The reasons are obvious.

If we can live beyond a hundred years, going blind could be a development milestone. We don't equate losing something with development but for all practical purpose that is a poor attitude isn't it? We have no choice about growing old but not so about growing up.

The font size on my PC display is still set at default.

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