Friday, October 24, 2014

A bicycle friendly nation?

Cyclists aren't showing enough enthusiasm for Khaw's plan to make us a bicycle friendly city. On the other hand the opposition is quite vocal.

Top of my head, I thought the idea was impractical because our weather is just too hot and humid.

But I think we should just go ahead and keep pushing until we succeed because on balance the benefits are worth it.

I was thinking may be I could use a light motorized bicycle going out to keep cool and muscle power pedaling home. I can always take a bath when I get back. Good exercise too.  Of course, I worry about losing the bike to theft. Unless more effort is put in to control this, the scheme will fail.

Many cyclists today are only interested in cycling as a sports and Khaw is mulling over this as a mode of transport. I think they don't like to share space with too many slower going cyclists. This could be why they are no so eager. When I go to the PCN, there are now many notices urging cyclists not to speed.


  1. It is definitely viable to encourage bike commuting in S'pore, being one myself. One main problem is the width of our pavements which seems to be standard from the British colonial days till now. Our population has expanded many folds and pedestrians and cyclists are fighting for space. Take a leaf from the major cities and compare their walking/cycling space verses ours. We are not a 1st world city.

  2. I take it as a signal

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