Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Graduate: NUSS members' magazine

When I was a new member curiosity led me to flip through the pages of this magazine whenever one arrived. I focused on the new members pages looking out for who I might know. Beyond the first few issues, and I think they published monthly then (I just found out it is now quarterly) I stopped reading the articles.

Over the years, I regularly bin the magazine but one day I must have opened the letter box before going to work and took the magazine to my office. That issue would years later become an awakening for me. I don't believe what had happened was chance. That would be a multiple sigma event and Black black Swan. It created the setting that would lead me to take huge and sacrificial risks.Why would or should I if it had been any other way? As a result some Bible stories no longer become distant but personal and living.

Many Christians regularly see God's hand in two sigma events. That's not for me. I am too open minded for all sorts of possibilities and I prefer the simplest explanations given that scientific credibility is usually not available or applicable. Attributing it to God is often harder and more complex than common sense or just simple probability. This is a bad habit which fortunately our ancestors by God's grace managed to pull away, otherwise we would still be in the Dark Ages. I can't understand why people want to go back and live in the past and I wonder how and to what degree the hijab feature in this. I am not Muslim, I don't know but I am sure it is an awful idea for Christians to dress and live like the early church. Yes, I think the Amish life for everyone is also a bad idea. As a small group like they are now on the other hand is a very good idea.

Today I looked at it the latest issue of this magazine again after so many years as I wanted to learn more about the new City Guild House after wifey alerted me to it. I found that there are no longer any new members page - you mean they have admitted them by the hundreds now? More membership dues, a way to get rich? Definitely so if many members are like me who don't turn up at their clubs very often.

Between the pages of this issue surprisingly I found two articles that interest me which I want to remember in two separate posts to this blog.

But I think I will continue to throw away the next issue of The Graduate and beyond.

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