Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Should Schizos Serve NS?

Obviously not but this is one case where the young man Ganesh Pillay did. He went into NS and never complete it. The story from The Independent.

My friend's youngest brother went into NS and came out a schizophrenic. Destroyed his life. Friendless, I made friends with him and make it a point to send him a nice birthday card every year.

NS could have buried or more aptly sent me to the crematorium many years ago if I didn't have enough guts to keep pestering and challenge the medical officer. I was downgraded in the end.

Ganesh Pilly's psychiatrist should have done more and his camp doctor was useless and his lieutenant callous. I hope the Army bring all these officers to task but would they unless there is enough publicity for this case.

I learnt from NS that people should learn to look after themselves. My Ah Boy to Man moment was quite different from how Jack Neo try to tell it or Chen Show Mao gave for signing up to NS.

You must hop back into the process that preserve your life e.g., use of live ammo in the army. Most people are shooed into them so they live, but if you are born an outlier you need to put in special effort or your life would be at risk. Really, "you die your business".

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