Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SG first driverless car

I like this NUS-MIT developed car. I hope they will quickly bring it beyond the internal roads of the NUS campus. This is a little wishful but perhaps the car I am driving now could be the last time I own a car. I don't have that much faith and that's why my daughter is starting to take driving lessons. Nevertheless the day of the ubiquitous driverless car would come. The sooner the better.

The flip side of this opportunity is that lots of taxi drivers could be thrown out of  their jobs :-( What societies across the world have not improved since the last time this happened is how to graciously help the dislocated. If the winners don't want to do anything to help, governments would have to figure a way to squeeze them for funds but government itself is not good for dealing with such matters. I think commercial value driven solutions are still best but only if it is driven by long term thinking. The problem whey commerce isn't serving society or allocating resources correctly is because business people and managers are too short term these days.

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