Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PM to NTU Students: Avoiding Conflict in Asia

The PM is addressing the 1,000 students in NTU this very moment and Today has tweeted among other snippets the above.

With qualifications the PM is right but it should more accurately be understood us nobody wants to attack anybody (they will defend themselves for sure) if they can help it. Each country has declared what could lead them to war. The only time when you can be sure there is no conflict is when everyone is committed to using arms only for repelling an attack.

The PM is not known for his ability to see over the horizon but his thoughts on the present shape of reality here and in the region is useful. I agree with him that the next 50 years would be exciting but what matters is what form of excitement it will assume. The way things go, even Antarctica would be exciting. That's is not foresight. Anyway I appreciate the guy for trying his best.

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