Friday, January 31, 2014

Petronas CNY 2014: Young Hearts

A short clip by Malaysia Petronas for CNY 2014. It would tug at most heart strings but it is also just surreal. Life is not like that but at the same time it is good to flow with it but not lose your head. We watched Disney's Frozen at Eng Wah latest screen recently. Of course that's far better.

What's life then like? It is like the Joseph Story but some play over very long time frames to beyond generations even. So in their time space they cannot see or appreciate it. However without forgiveness there is no Joseph Story. This is not correct in the space of a lifetime. Across generations it is possible to wrap up a good Joseph Story. The battle against pride must be won first. This is too hard to understand and I would never have unless I had to live it.

The Big Joseph Story that made all Joseph Stories possible was when the promised one came to save us. That's across many many generations.

Nevertheless we are programmed to pine for Joseph Stories that is confined within our generation. Fairy tales only give form to how our hearts ache for them but clearly we know they cannot be true. A real life fairy tale is often just an incompletely told story. Someone has been economical with the truth or the story isn't over yet. Without adversity to build character, people often mess up the future. A Joseph Story is a Good Black Swan.

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