Sunday, January 26, 2014

NUSS Magazine Part 1: The most beautiful Miss Singapore

The most beautiful Miss Singapore ever hands down got to be Miss Eunice Olsen. However I wouldn't have this post if not for Anton Casey's wife Bernice Wong, a later Miss Singapore than Ms Olsen. I don't need a blog post to remember Eunice Olsen but here I am juxtaposing Eunice with Bernice.

I must confess I know almost nothing about Bernice Wong but I imagine most Singaporeans must have hated her choice of husband. I don't remember the names of any other Miss Singapore Universe or World. One struck me but not favorably is the girl who is associated with a Facebook billionaire co-founder (I can't remember his name either since he wasn't Mark Zuckeberg) who has made his home here. I vaguely recall a picture I happened to come across of her celebrating her birthday with a phallic looking birthday cake. I assume the guests wanted her to do the obvious eh?

Women and men likewise should use the time when they still look good to invest in their invisible selves. If you to that right and most important humbly ( because many are quite good at pretending) the invisible will become visible.

Well there are some who go overboard and completely ignore their looks. I think that's stupid. People should never exceed their faith or belief.

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