Monday, January 27, 2014

NTUC Income vs SMRT

I got this email from NTUC Income only moments ago and I can't help comparing them with SMRT. How I wish SMRT would have just a fraction of the civic responsibility NTUC Income commits itself to. Of course to achieve this it cannot be a listed company. Income is a cooperative.

This is a crazy idea but may be public transport operators should be restructured with inspiration from successful cooperative enterprises. Whatever and however we do it, public transport must always put the short and long term interests of commuters as their highest priority. Anything that conflict with this should be re-engineered away. Unless Desmond Kuek and the board grasped this, their failure is all but a matter of time. Of course the cost would also surely be paid by the PAP in the next elections. Sometimes politicians would be forced to borrow your heads to appease the people. Remember what Cao Cao did to this chief logistics officer. Why be so stupid? Why should good people turn themselves into monsters? A stitch in time saves nine.

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