Monday, January 27, 2014

Nigel and Donovan one year later

I feel only pain for the parents of Nigel and Donovan when I read about them. I know I have written somethings about this tragedy a year ago but I am not ready to look it up..

Some comfort them telling them their two sons are in heaven. After all they are believers but let's be honest. Heaven for many is in the head but not in the heart. They need time to fully grasp that. That is why I find it so painful.

Being real is not just about going to heaven and reuniting with loved ones. Instead heaven has become a form of escapism in order that we may better cope with life's tragedies. That's why it was such a shocker when we read in Mother Teresa's dream, St Peter told her there are no slums in heaven. She chose not enter the pearly gates.

Get real means for now heaven is the hopeless wish that the tragedy didn't happen.

So what and where is heaven? That is a lousy question. The question to answer is the same old one from Jesus: Who do you say I am? In one's life that question will be asked over and over again. From Moses encounter with the burning bush to show me your face, step by step. Losing Nigel and Donovan is part of that journey but in this case it isn't just the Yap's journey, it has also become ours too.

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