Monday, January 20, 2014

MRT break down: Track fault, train fault, signal fault, power fault, not my fault

Zhen Zhao Bay, "Track fault, train fault, signal fault, power fault, not my fault"...this was what caused me to look for the most cheeky, cynical but true and serious and also true comments to collect and review months down the road.

  • Chester Teo Lol. If u interview the committe, will they tell u the increase is requested by smrt, and they only in charge of approve it? Then u go back smrt, they push back to committe say they approve it. And so on...
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  • Diaspora Ooi Bullshit!!!SMRT never apply for fare hike,PTC will review the fare?Don't tell fairy tales lah,it's for shareholders and your big pay check.Don't believe?Wait till SMRT release the financial report and see how many shares the top management have.
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  • Mohammad Roslan There was no such disruption issues when SMRT was government-run. There were no beds-in-tents at hospitals when it was government-run. When basic public transport and healthcare are privatized and focused to cut costs and increase profits, what are we paying income tax so much for?
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  • Phyllis Ng Show us the proof that the money goes to the Maintenace pls otherwise its all bullshit. I dont want to read the right thing, I want the real thing!
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  • Bubai Dongfang "Benchmark ourselves with the best in class in the world"?? Goodness! Yesterday's Hong Kong MTR video here clearly shows their trains come EVERY OTHER MINUTE as well as they have both platforms servicing the same line. Singapore's MRT does NOT even REMOTELY come close in terms of timing and design!!
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  • Gina Cheng Truly a shame!!! Stop giving excuses for the frequent breakdowns! You've never given us any valid reasons for the numerous fare hikes in the first place! Your energy is channelled to the wrong place again and again. Truly disappointing!
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  • Jimmy Come Lately Unfortunate? Let's face it, after the hike this will STILL happen! Words like unfortunate and sorry will become SMRT words of the year.
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  • 陈友仁 How come ERP gantries never breakdown??? Should get those ppl manning the ERP system to look after the MRT.
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  • Calvin Tan Hay SMRT, although the train service has resume but you had put a sign to direct ppl to take the free shuttle bus at the yishun bus interchange and ppl are jus waiting for the bus and now train service resume and you jus ask ppl to walk all the way back to take train again. You should clear ppl who are waiting at the bus interchange first who earlier affected and not jus cease the free shuttle bus service like that.. Do you know you have cause a lot ppl walking to MRT and to the bus interchange than had to walk back to MRT again.. Never think of ppl that is old, handicap and pregnant ppl.
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  • Ah Pek Lee Unfortunate to the passengers but not to SMRT.
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  • Mun San Seeto Gosh, how can the CEO say that? ' timing is most unfortunate jst after the fAre hike' !! What nonsense..with or without the hike it is the service provider's responsibliy to ensure the service works to its is he saying if without the hike commuters shld take it as a Norm that the train shld broke dn? He shld step dn..useless guy
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  • Francis Lee 19,000 paxs... translate that to man-hours. The root of the problem isn't solve and from the way I look at it, it won't be at least in the near future given the Crystal Clear picture that we're over-populated and to up/raise/jack-up/demand fare-hike has to be certainly only one thing; Greed!

    SHAME on you... ALL of you!
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  • Mun San Seeto Desmond Kuek, you are a highly paid CEO running a listed company, use some sense and give us a better explanation why this happens again and again.. Don't jst use the word ' unfortuante' and try to brush off the incident as merely something the public shld accept..
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  • Mustafa Kamal Unfortunately for us, the proposed hike in transport fares did not 'breakdown'
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  • Dave Tai Eka Signal fault, Cable fault, electrical fault but it not their fault . So it the commuter fault choosing the right timing to take SMRT .
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  • Aries Wilson No sympathy for SMRT.

    Everytime SMRT asks for fare hikes, it promises to improve service delivery and resolve current problems.

    BUT, everytime consistently without fail, it fails to keep that promise.

    It simply shows that SMRT is just not taking its job of providing efficient public transport services seriously enough.

    how can there be so many signal faults, train faults, power outages, and track faults, etc, every year, with no improvements at all? 

    that's really mind-boggling.

    C'mon, show the statistics of improvements, before you ask for another fare hike.
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  • Colin Chee Will people get away with being late by telling their employers, schools, and clients that "timing is most unfortunate"?

    A riot happens and problems are fixed so quickly and decisively. MRT system continues to fail but little is done to assure the pub
    lic about the future of the system.

    If the respective people get voted out, the public should tell them "timing is most unfortunate".
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  • Diaspora Ooi Unfortunate???Having all these useless CEOs and Puppies are really unfortunate for Singaporeans.
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  • Ericsson Lee Most unfortunate is that the fare hike decision is not yours to make. Most unfortunate is that a SAF general is taking a privatised civilian competitive CEO position. Most unfortunate is that you are absorbing a lot of SAF Generals into SMRT management. Most unfortunate is your wayanging skill which will work in SAF but NOT in civilian world
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  • David Lee 'Unfortunate' is apology to the public. Where is the compensation - loss of time, stress, reprimand by employers for being late to work, etc. You can open your mouth to ask for a hike but when it comes to train faults, you can tell the public that it is :
    Signal fault
    Power fault
    Children fault
    Maintenance fault
    Where are your integrity and pride now? Not even a word 'apologize' from G and SMRT.
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  • Jun Yuan Lim Please... Stop talking nonsense... Today is not the first day that SMRT trains suffered from breakdowns... How do you explain the breakdown 2 weeks or so back which required commuters to walk on the tracks (which is dangerous especially for senior citizens) from Woodlands to Yew Tee? Another unfortunate incident?

    How many "unfortunate incidents" may I ask do Singaporeans need to put up with before you can make things right and have the train service running without breakdowns (just like last time) ?
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