Friday, January 17, 2014

Ichiban Boshi: Thumbs down this time

We had dinner last night at Ichiban Boshi at Suntec City. This is a story of how badly they prepared Salmon sashimi. I pointed out to the restaurant manager that his colleague had not sliced the fish correctly. He agreed with me but did nothing. Well this is the first time they did such a bad job. This is also the first time we were served by this team. The past few times it was a different group and their service was very good. This team didn't even bother to top up our teas.

I will let this passed since I didn't know until near the end of the meal when my daughter told me something was wrong with the fish. I will be more vigilant the next time and would surely press my point with them. Better still, I hope to see the previous team on duty.

Anyway service here is generally poor and we have gotten used to. It is when we travel that we realized how often we have to endure poor service here. Our F&B outlets seem to be getting away with this for now and that is worrying. Typically you sow the wind, you will get the whirlwind. The longer the it takes the storm to come, the more severe it will be.

On a brighter note, I feel that service at our hawker centres has improved over the years.

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