Thursday, January 30, 2014

Francis Yap's Empathy

This is a first class example of empathy from Francis Yap to Munir, the driver who killed his sons. At this moment I can't helped but also think of William Wan. Empathy is a big word for him but I also wonder what is his agenda really. All of us have agendas granted that many people are not completely conscious of them too.

Reproduced from TNP

Then he recalled a nightmare he had in 1993, when he was in Taiwan for an army training stint. He had not even met Madam Ang then.
Mr Yap recounted: "In my dream, I was driving an army vehicle and there was a young boy cycling somewhere down the road.
"I thought to myself, 'Oh no, can I brake in time to avoid him?' and true enough, I couldn't.
"I heard a loud thud and when I got out of the vehicle, the boy was lying on the road. I scooped him up and cradled his bloodied, listless body in my arms, crying, 'Oh no, oh no... '
"Then I was jolted awake and found myself covered in perspiration, my hands trembling hard."
When he had to drive in the morning, Mr Yap said he had to focus on trying to calm his jumpy nerves and hands that were still trembling.
He said: "It was just a dream and I was already so frightened, so I realised that the driver would not have it easy, too.
"What's more, he experienced it for real and he has to live with his negligence for the rest of his life."

Jesus continues to ask each one of us: Who do you say I am? Please not the answer from the Bible like answering a comprehension passage in school. God who lives across time frames had fixed it all up....for my ways are higher than your ways; and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

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  1. empathy it seems is better practised by an ordinary person than someone who used to or is still preaching from the pulpit. Sorry, I wouldn't want to listen to any of WW's sermon any more or else I may lose faith