Wednesday, January 15, 2014

City Harvest Church Trial Season 3

I think it is good that the public is losing interest in this trial. It is good that it is becoming boring and still technical. In fact it is not a bad idea at the end of the day the defense won but at the same time in the court of public opinion these CHC leaders have lost and lost badly. I am just uncomfortable with the values of that church.

Therefore to relieve readers of the boredom, no to stoke interest and sell more papers, ST has kept up its focus on Serena Wee. She and Sharon Tan have been quite savvy to turn this into a money making opportunity. With such characters in the church leadership, no wonder they were so good at gathering funds. But I don't think Pope Francis would not be picking up any lessons from such types anytime. He believes in a poor church. It is not poor for poor sake but by reaching to the bottom you get every bit of the pyramid. The church wants to be inclusive. In fact the rich and powerful are turned off by the true Gospel, which is then given to the poor and disenfranchised.

We have lost the old Straits Times and surely the people running the paper should know. The playing ground is leveling and ST must be staying awake every night how they might lose because I don't see them seizing the initiative. Instead they are trying to retard erosion. This is a lousy way to play.

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  1. a church rich can never serve God but rather the leaders and the sheepish believers who are gullible enough to be led by the noose or wolfy believers who also want to exploit the platform for their own agendas. If we believe God provides, we can be as effective to serve Him if we are poor.