Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Women serving NS

Women serving NS and eventually compulsory enlistment like men do now? I think that is the long term plan. If it can be helped I don't think the government want to go on a hard sell over this one. Let it come more or less naturally, after the number of women in the military continue to grow as per their publicly articulated target.

On the other hand I am surprised at the results of this focus group. I imagine here was a bunch of women like every morning in the talk back program on radio, where people who know next to nothing talking and making suggestions. Why should I take this focus group seriously when in the first place? ST had failed to qualify how their opinions were informed?

Update: July 25, 11:05am

These Talk Back sessions missed the point most of the times. If I weren't forced to be driving during that time of day, I wouldn't have tuned to them. The other stations are even more inane.

Here is one guy who gets it and save me the time writing myself. The key purpose of NS is our national security but most people are fixed on the collateral benefits. They had also forgotten the onery of reservist obligations.

  • Nathanael Lin The main purpose of NS is to defend Singapore. It is not to forge social cohesion or build individual discipline. However, it seems like these secondary reasons have become more important than the main reason.

    In that case, perhaps we should look for more direct solutions for these secondary reasons, and consider whether NS is necessary in the first place. Would Singapore be better served if we start other social programs, scrap NS and expand the regular SAF instead?

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