Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's wrong with NDP 2013 Theme Song?

To me the place is right because there can only be on place: here in Singapore. However the time is wrong for too many people. Just ask anyone who is not upbeat about this place due to the ongoing and festering issues, and he/she surely wouldn't like this song. In short, this is yet another out of touch with the people enterprise, just like the Pop. White Paper and many things else.

All is not lost. When the time is right, this song would be too but not in 2013.

Anyway it will succeed on August 9. On that they as one people we would momentarily choose to set aside our issues and keep our focus as one nation. From this perspective it would be a very good success. What more do you want? Congrats to Selina and Elaine.

Update: July 28, 3:15pm

Dick Lee gets it!

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  1. Said "Yikes" when I first heard it. But with the accompanying video, not so bad lah. This is throwaway fluff not high art. We just need it for one night. Let's call it a "one night bandstand". To those guys dumping on this - No need for us to be negative all the time.