Sunday, July 21, 2013

The unfaithful MSM

The MSM especially ST is trying to keep two lovers. They have to choose between the government or readers. It would be ideal if they could choose the mother of the two: Singapore. But Singapore has no volition and need those two lovers to give her that ability. A big problem when we are divided and perhaps getting more so. Looking at some of their latest articles, I think the ST is under a lot of pressure.

This is the government idea of good politics. I don't know if this is Rachel Chang's idea but it must  be her job to put out this and to the satisfaction for the government. To me this is an impossible job. I could tell she didn't write as well as she usually could with all those longish and stretched sentences. It is as if she has to pile on qualifications why she is writing this or that, like she would not remember unless she makes notes.

Zuraidah Ibrahim had the easier task with this article. Like Rachel Chang's piece yesterday, this is so partisan to the PAP. These are the moments you can't please two lovers, so keep happy the one who calls the tune never mind the other who actually pays the bills but has  no power except at Elections.

I like Elgin Toh's article which I had missed when it first appeared in Singapolitics. So ST tried to leave something for the other lover?

Torn between two lovers, breaking all the rules...

Actually it isn't so bad for them. In reality they are permitted to love only one but occasionally flirt with the other when first lover feels secure and confident. Some readers are unhappy and stopped reciprocating ST advances. My sister would read the ST provided she get to do so for free. Who knows, I might follow her example some day.

Specifically where is the ST taking us? They are leading us into, 'Good Politics, What's that?'

Sadly and I hope not tragically for them and the PAP they are such lousy salespeople. Go learn how to connect like Obama just did again.

Latest example of Obama connecting with Americans. If the government cannot connect, it cannot do anything substantive. Then it becomes a matter of time things get really ugly here as the Opposition get fixed and the ruling party falls into the abyss of moral bankruptcy. This isn't too far fetched. You just wait and see. Right now they are trying to seal the abyss before they could act. I think they have a good fighting chance. Nothing loving with all these at all. Don't let love mess up prostitution. So do they want to connect in the end? I think they are divided about this.

Even if Obama could connect he could not do anything quickly but that's America. As my daughter reminded me, their politics is if there are five wolves and one sheep in their Union, they would try to protect that sheep. She said this came from Lincoln*. We used to sacrifice that sheep but now we just starve it. We do not have the faith or wherewithal to protect that sheep because we are a tiny red dot now recognized to be filled with children too.

Update: 9:35pm

*Mistake! She emailed me when I was out earlier today to let me know.

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  1. "Specifically where is the ST taking us? They are leading us into, 'Good Politics, What's that?'"
    PAP has told us loud and clear- ST will always say the "Right Thing"!