Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SQ not among safest airlines

I flipped through all the 22 pages and discover than SQ wasn't among the top 20 safest airlines in the world. This is the opinion of Travel + Leisure magazine.

Isn't this disappointing? Are there other publications where our SQ made the list?

SQ as I have time and again blogged about is slipping. Doesn't  help that investors are not making management and the board more accountable. Just as well I heard over the radio this morning why it is so hard to get more women representation in our corporate boards. This town is thick with incestuous old boy networks and that is a major reason why our economy have not kept up with the times....there is no mostly work-life balance in most firms. Look, other economies strike a better balance and produce better results than us. We have full of selfish bosses in corner offices enjoying themselves.

We have to overhaul our self defeating business culture.

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