Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shanmugam: A sample of Talk is Shiok

Very interesting and relevant comment from readers which caused me to record them. Unfortunate that I am using one of the better ministers as an example. It could have been any of them perhaps excepting Tharman.

  • Sathia Palani The Minister should stop comparing other countries with Singapore. You are not following other countries on everything
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    • Lim Kopi Exactly. If they want to compare, then use them as standards. But somehow whenever we say some other countries are doing something better than we are, they say we mustn't look at other countries.
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Don't bother to take the minister's words too seriously. We know they often indulge in "talk is shiok". If we take their advice then there must at least be 48 hours to a day. Impossible.

  • Alvin Teow B S What choice are there?

    Be it women or men, once you started a family, shouldn't the priority be family instead of career?

    Most people work hard to start or have a family, won't it be contradicting then to choose career over family? One work to suppor
    t the family NOT destroy the family.

    If one is career-minded and choose career over family, then that person shouldn't start a family as it will never be a true happy family (even if it lasts).

    There should always be a balance between career and family (if you've one), as you need to maintain a career to maintain a family (everything need money).

    So are the ministries working towards a right direction?
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  • Qiu Gong Mai luan kong lah.
    It's not that we dun wanna settle down or have chewren.
    It's too expensive & it's thanks to PAP bad policies in FT, jobs, education, housing, healthcare & public transportation.

    Just look at e Phase 2A primary school registration...
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  • Shahril Azizi How to survive when everything goes up like a rocket but your salary is moving upwards like a snail. 
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Alvin is spot on. It is the employer and bosses that is holding us back. He who pays the piper calls the tune! This government is not prepared to have decisive policies to catalyze the needed change. Like I said, "talk is shiok". They have taken to a strategy of numerous band aid these days. I tried to restrain myself but when I saw them distributing N95s to the old and the poor, I thought part of the reason was to look good because we have been lambasting them for sometime their neglect of the vulnerable.

I assume none of those who provided their pointed comments were at the OSC.

This government has devolved to with our generous help very good at problem description. As for solutions we demand more transparency and accountability before we can contribute practical ideas.

Don't waste time fixing the Opposition (should change that noun description) and solve real and pressing problems. Not band aid.

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