Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shane Todd's Suicide

Financial Times have made it known that they would not be doing the honorable thing as suggested by Shanmugam.

I read earlier the WSJ version of the story which is understandably different from the MSM.

I am quite sure Shane Todd committed suicide by hanging but I am clueless why he did. My least speculative conspiracy theory is that his parents inadvertently caused his death because Dr.Todd might have felt he had failed to live up to their high standard. This might be real or imagined, we will never know.

Typical of this government, we are not interested to know why Dr. Todd killed himself only that we aren't culpable for his death. Finally there is insufficient grounds to suggest that his death might be staged. The logic here is simple. Just because all swans were white until they arrived in Australia and found black ones, it is completely plausible there is Black Swan story hiding here. For now the idea is just impractical. The Todds must locate and sail to this mysterious Australia.

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