Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Read the Right Stuff

Day after day the MSM especially ST has been roped in to badger and attempt to discredit bloggers. We all know the MSM don't get the Internet or folks like me would still have kept our SPH shares. I need you to be much cheaper before I buy them again.

We don't need such flattery or attention.

Unless this is a definitive test for the stupid fellow, this silly comic got it wrong. It's very simple. Don't be in a hurry. Mistakes made on most blogs are corrected. If you want it faster, use tweeter, may be Facebook.

Many years ago, a friend complain to my friend in church that the pastor is always scolding them from the pulpit. This friend replied, "If he wasn't scolding you, what do you care?" Similarly, if what we write about the government is false, what is there to worry? You have no confidence that the truth will surface in an open system? Even closed system could not hide its secrets forever. If we cannot sort such things out, we haven't earned the right to be a going concern. We would all be babies then competing against adults elsewhere. What's the chance?

It's too late, the government must know that the genie has escaped the lamp and will not return. How to? You can't even locate him! He is everywhere and aggravatingly nowhere. And it is the latter that will jump on and ambush you after you have netted everyone everywhere. Don't be stupid. Learn to live with it successfully. Make friends, leverage this new source of free and infinite energy.

Do I detect fear, the Dark Side in the government? They don't want to change. They want to dictate to us. If they succeed, it is a matter of time this whole place fail. I can't pinpoint a time but I can tell you what must happen. When our competitors embrace the Net wholeheartedly after their governments cut their sails and go with the wind but ours is too strong and confident that they can fix us.

There were many lessons to take away from the Haze emergency response. For example, the government could have done much better if they were clued into this new culture and respond with internet speed. Sadly instead of leveraging it, it was used to show them up to have feet of clay. Indeed yesterday's hare has become today's snail. Last I read on the MSM they are reacting like a petulant child than learning the right lessons.

We now live in real time, how can government not retool to be on the same speed?

Surely the MSM must be sensitive enough to feel the ground underneath them shifting too. Surely they can detect power is shifting. At some point the government will need you more than you need them you know? How are you preparing for that day? If you are not ready, there will be others who would be. And if nobody is ready then that is the litmus test that Singapore had turned into a has been, ignored by the world because she has become irrelevant.

Just as arranged marriages, forcibly enforced belonged to the past, so willing love marriages is the way to the future. If the government make sense, is transparent and communicate well, we will align with them, otherwise there will be bucket loads of criticisms.

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  1. “Repression, Sir is a habit that grows. I am told it is like making love-it is always easier the second time! The first time there may be pangs of conscience, a sense of guilt. But once embarked on this course with constant repetition you get more and more brazen in the attack. All you have to do is to dissolve organizations and societies and banish and detain the key political workers in these societies. Then miraculously everything is tranquil on the surface. Then an intimidated press and the government-controlled radio together can regularly sing your praises, and slowly and steadily the people are made to forget the evil things that have already been done, or if these things are referred to again they’re conveniently distorted and distorted with impunity, because there will be no opposition to contradict.”

    How true the quote above is. Now I can understand the foresight of the man.