Monday, July 15, 2013

NSP on Leadership and Parliamentary Debate

I like most of what the NSP has put out on leadership - Get the Debate Back on Track.

It is natural to see the PAP and WP provoking each other. Could have been worse if the WP had not tried to restrain itself, and they need to show even more restrain. Don't dive for the bottom with the grey MIW.

My attitude toward the MIW has hardened further. I certainly think less of the PM now. I don't know how many people feel the same and honestly I don't care. I used to be keen to discuss politics with my friends but now I just keep my own counsel. Politics here have become like religion, very divisive. Each of us are entitled to our own beliefs.

WP wouldn't have seven hammers in parliament if the PAP had done a much better job. MIW blame yourselves. In fact I think you should have gotten worse. Fancy only 60% supporting you but you have all but six seats in the chamber.

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