Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nipping Ravi Philemon in the bud

Ravi Philemon posted the following about 15 minutes ago. Now if he has a wide following, how do you explain that there are only four "likes" and one comment so far?

The ST forum editor and her bosses are also acting quite naughty here to publish such a letter. This is the tactic of borrowing a dagger.

I can't understand how Yaacob could elevate Ravi to celebrity status. Really who and how many give any credibility to the 9 million N95s story. Why do I care? As far as I am concerned I had difficulty buying a N95 but I waited and got them, and I never used them.

Either Yaacob is incompetently daft as the leader of MCI or they have private information about Ravi Philemon and now deemed it necessary to nip him in the bud. And why do I care to know. I will get on with my busy life as usual and let time deliver the answer.

If Yaacob is stupid, we bloggers are all in danger of being his next celebrity. If he had something up his sleeve and that isn't clean government by Vivian B or WP reckoning, we bloggers are safe. You make up your minds.

There is another way to think about Yaacob but that is no longer safe to write! When in Singapore, live as Singaporeans do. The naughty beauty of the MDA rules is that you do not know if you are in or out. You can always play it safe by not blogging. Who wins then? We all including the government lose. Want to give it a try?

And the biggest loser would be the MSM. Just as well I sold all my SPH shares but at a profit. That company is going nowhere. It doesn't know how to grow an external wing and domestically there is no growth unless the Pop. White Paper is implemented. Meanwhile it overpays for local acquisitions because it has too much cash.

Update: 12:25pm

2 hours later. 16 likes and 8 I wish Ravi Philemon on the wind Yaacob gave him becomes a celebrity of sorts. He fights for the underdog. Good fellow. He brings the missing conscience to the government. Not perfect but at least he bothers.

Very important he and others show how inept the government had been in communicating with us about the Haze. Still a Big F for communication.

Update: 12:40pm

LOL. How to be a celebrity blogger! See Andrew Loh's comment. And Bertha's good writing as usual on a topic she must be interested in.

At the end of the day it is about whether you have made the government looked bad isn't it? All these thin skin and fragile egos. I don't know why they put Yaacob in charge of MCI. He is a dinosaur.

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