Friday, July 12, 2013

Next GE: Andrew Loh's one very useful post

Thanks Andrew Loh. In one post you have brought together and written it up far better than I ever could. I will forget the details. Only the headlines will stay with me, so I must make a note of this here. Need to review them before I cast my vote at the next GE.

I have mightily tried and sometimes over doing it even but have not found good things to record about the PAP which I can also use as input for the next elections.

The main plus I can say for the PAP is generally white but not whiter than white. Better than most governments elsewhere but on the whole getting worse. Top in class among failures is nothing to brag about. We could easily become sad Cyprus.

And Vivian Bala and the rest of you please don't insult us by talking about the oxymoron of clean politics. Yes, politics is about power but it is even more about faith being stretched to its limits. The faith of politicians will fail them too often. The honest politician can never claim to be clean. He/She can only reach for honorable motives. If only these bunch of ministers have more courage and conviction but they have devolved into businessmen. Good luck to those who are too poor to be their customers. No wonder they loved billionaires.


  1. Politics IS about power.
    The power to decide who gets what.

    The power to decide who gets the million dollar salaries.
    The power to decide who is entitled to welfare assistance.
    And the power to decide how difficult it is to get those welfare assistance.

    Also the power to have a long term plan for managing the endemic dengue fever problem we have in Singapore.
    The power to have a management plan in place to reduce the impact of haze on our health and our economy.
    The power to give free condoms to foreign athletes at the Youth Olympics.
    And the power to charge Singaporeans $2.50 for N95 haze masks.

    We the ordinary Singaporeans only have one power every 5 years.
    The power to decide who we want to REPRESENT us in parliament in GE 2016.
    Choose wisely.

  2. How about the political power to decide whether we eat in a hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant?