Sunday, July 21, 2013

MSM on heavy school bags

I want to tell him, "wait long long" for the school bag to get lighter. So many ministers of education have come and gone but nothing in this department has changed. I wonder if nobody scores points or get promoted for fixing this problem. Too unsexy. Even they have done many things about the weight of equipment our SAF servicemen carried on their backs but not these heavy bags.

I gave up years ago. I took my kids' heaviest textbooks and scanned them into electronic files and transfer them to their iPads. Huge reduction of bag weight.

What this issue tells me about our school bureaucracy a culture that is at odds with the world beyond the school gate. I didn't begin to think this way until Dr. Goh complained how difficult it is to change things at the Education ministry compared to Mindef. I supposed that is still true today eh?

Update: July 28, 10:05am

Found in ST yesterday.

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