Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kong Hee: 1,600 thumbs down; 45 thumbs up

At the point I came across this YouTube clip there were 1,652 dislikes and a paltry 45 likes. I don't think the imbalance mattered to him. It was those in the hall he spoke to that mattered. I think he is engineering himself into a martyr of sorts, probably landing behind bars in God's name.

What if one day we have another much bigger Kong Hee whose audience isn't a big hall but the whole nation? I would really like to understand the motivation behind his so many supporters following him. Those of us outside think these folks have lost their minds when this is much less about the mind and much more of something deeper.

If I could pull away one of his supporters, he/she probably wouldn't explain sense to me why they are supporting him. On the other hand, I would have limited success changing their minds too. Oh dear, what are we dealing with here?

Today we don't think he will gather enough adherents to matter socially and politically. To me that's not the point. What are the conditions for such a phenomena to become widespread throughout the land? We must understand this in order not to be on such a road. Remember the Taiping rebellion.

Update: 8:50pm

Breakfast Network scored a coup to interview the person who uploaded this clip. Good for him to call him out. What I really want to see is how quickly and many can be cured from his dangerous idea-virus.

Update: August 1, 3:30pm

Again I am following up because I got it from Breakfast Network. CP Church and Ministry explained that Kong Hee was quoted out of context. I can't spend the 45 mins to sit through this. Anyway for God to say even in empathy, "I am sorry..." is truly novel to me. I am more familiar with, "Trust me...."

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