Sunday, July 7, 2013

Injured Workers MC: Complicit Docs

Thumbs up to those NGOs especially TWC2 for protecting the defenseless foreign workers here.

Finally under TCJ operating under a different social political mood MOM is serious about such matters. Come on, foreign workers aren't packed animals and they are treated worse :-(

I think we ought to name and shame the offending employers too.

Foreign workers comes with hidden risks and costs which errant employers tried to pass it back on to them because they have no bargaining power and lack knowledge. It is an egregious practice which gave them no incentive to increase productivity.

The docs are warned, the next time we must punish them severely. Just one or two bad apples will put the whole barrel under competitive pressure and let the rot spread. Restructured hospitals and polyclinics are not incentivized like the private sector and that's how we got the benefit of comparing treatment advice.

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