Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cyprus lessons for Singapore

I just finished reading and forwarding the email, "Thoughts from the Frontline - The Bang! Moment of Shock" by John Mauldin. As I am likely to during one of my email housekeeping sessions delete it, better keep a link here.

I have wanted to blog about how similar Singapore is to Cyprus for a long time but found the task too challenging and time consuming. Now to a large extent Mauldin has done it for me.

I had also forwarded this to the family but I think this is too hard for the kids to understand.

In my comment to a friend as I shared this with him, I wrote,

Because Cyprus and Singapore are more alike than different. Good to keep this message at the back of our minds constantly. 

Better to know why you are safe than to trust others to be the jaga. 

Here in Singapore it is very hard, may be impossible unless you are very skilled and experienced for us to know if we had or ever make the moral equivalent of Cyprus terrible mistake. There is not enough transparency or accountability. Also what seems like a smart decision today could end in disaster tomorrow. We have to ask ourselves the sort of compasses we use to navigate the future but this government just simply said, "Trust us". They don't realize that this is getting less and less acceptable. The one compass I know they insist on is only the PAP knows how to run this place.

History is not kind to small nations such that we don't think in terms of a hundred years but only how we can keep it going for as long as possible. Is this good enough? What is good enough?

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