Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coping with Dyslexia

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My daughter's dyslexia is remarkably like Lee Wei Ling's. The good doc was fortunate to be in the CL stream. It helped her avoid her weakness for many years. She is far more able to overcome her spelling deficit but my girl is always penalized for them. In her last exams, she had an unusual number of spelling mistakes. It must have given the examiner a very poor impression and she was duly punished for it. This is very clear when the marking report came back and content wise she had hit nearly every point. Fortunately she isn't keen on reading Law in uni.

It is more important that she copes with dyslexia in real life than in the exam hall. This she has achieved.


  1. Hi, I was planning to write a blogpost on Lee Wei Ling's article, and I found yours :) How old is your daughter? She coped without any special education?

    1. Hi, she is in JC2 now. She had coaching from DAS years back but it got nowhere. Now she coped by memorizing long spelling lists before exams.