Friday, July 12, 2013

Cleaning ceilings: PM ups the ante

I should click and make it 75 likes after this. Unlike AIM-gate, I do not know who is right or wrong here. They have made a simple cleaning job into something so complex! I am really tired and as I blogged earlier only want to look at this again nearer the next GE. I trust that liars will continue to lie and between now and then there are many opportunities for each side to show their colors.

Of course the liar can often pass off his dishonesty as a mistake. I can't make up my mind whether Ng Eng Hen was culpable. Didn't he said that the data from MOE whatever show that family background has not affected upward mobility? How could he have read the data so wrong? As a surgeon previously he needed to read research reports with statistical results of field trials. He lied or made a mistake? Either he was dishonest or stupid with the data. Choose one.

Even the famously honest US President Abraham Lincoln needed to prevaricate sometimes. I must reinsert the clip here. Let's get real. This is life. We keep standards high and work hard to stay there but let's no pretend to be saints or angels. Given enough time every minister and MP will fail the honesty test. How honest is honest enough? Tell me WP has been cheating every resident in their wards and I say we must get to the bottom of this, but over cleaning of ceilings? Please give me a break. Don't disturb us unless you have a CPIB case here. I hadn't expected the PM to get involved in something like this. I am very disappointed.

Link to PMO statement.

Update: July 13, 9:35am

Fancy reading something like this early in the morning. Anyway thanks Ravi for this. I kinda of vaguely recall these things but it is good to record them now.


  1. I do not know the truth of this but as a WP supporter,I tend to give them the benefit if doubt,but I also do not believe that WP can do no wrong.This is another aspect from TRS which I understand that you do not read.