Friday, July 26, 2013

Best Toilet here

I like the attitude of this couple responsible for keeping Mayflower Market Food Centre toilet spick and span.

I  have seen Jack Sim posed and even don up in costumes in toilets. They obviously take pride in their unglam jobs. Respect!


  1. Getting to the bottom of the matter, to sort of speak..

    Ever notice that over the years, the quality of toilet paper had gone way down hill?

    Some brands (mostly from China/unbranded) do not have any lateral/horizontal strength and users beware!

    The most blatant of producers will enlarge the cardboard spool so that less toilet paper is rolled and charges remain the same or had gone up.

    Even premium brands had gone into the act. Just compare the diameter of the plastic roller that keeps the toilet roll in place.

    I understand Singapore do have a consumers association of sorts. Wonder if this outfit is alive or asleep.


  2. Well isn't that nice.
    Our elderly have to continue to work in their old age as toilet cleaners to support themselves.
    The Singapore elderly are lucky to have so many job openings for them in the toilet cleaning industry.