Friday, February 22, 2013

The SIN-KL Rail Link: This is not serious

SIN-KL Rail Link? I can see immediately the name is already a problem. The Malaysians might insist that it ought to be KL-SIN Rail Link. You know how much trouble the British and French had to resolve when they built the rail link between them under the Channel? Their difficulties are child like easy compared to those that would come between Malaysia and us. No, this whole thing for now a PR exercise to help each other under some political difficulties.

There is no point thinking much less talk about the economic and social benefits of this proposal before we could even be confident about its political feasibility. I can understand the wayang nature of Malaysian politics but why is Singapore going down to play at that low level? Indeed the PAP government isn't like it used to be. They have not learned the lessons of the Pop. White Paper and henceforth they will be operating at that pathetic level.

If both governments were truly serious to make this happen a lot of details would have been hammered out before making this public. Both were just playing politics. They are facing the pressure of elections which the might lose, and ours trying to shift attention away from the White Paper fiasco.

Look at how little our Foreign Minister know about the project. The whole thing is just premature. Everyone is thinking of short term political fixes but naturally coy about admitting so.

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  1. Is a short term ploy to appease the investors and businesses since the pwp plan of 6.9m has been thwarted. Might as well ask why are we playing the big boys' game of sending satellite into the space since we are such tiny anchovy. Who stand to benefit? The citizens? At what cost/price?