Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ng Boon Gay Acquitted: The lessons for my kids

On Facebook, the Yahoo entry summarizes it best (SPH you are the professionals, you need to do better)

I have lost confidence in CPIB and I am happy that this did not extend to the courts. The AG better drop this and walk away with tail between the legs. Leave Cecilia Sue alone. Anything you do will make AG and CPIB look worse.

I see Cecilia Sue as a clueless victim being made used of by CPIB and the powers behind trying to do Ng Boon Gay in for reasons best known to themselves. I am disappointed the PM allowed this. Time to clean shop here and many places in his government. His credibility is eroding faster than he can repair. Right now I am thinking also of Prof Lutz thesis that the TFR of 2.1 is outdated and 1.7 is good enough. If Prof Lutz is right, such an oversight in is unforgivable. We had staked so much on that childishly written White Paper.

Back to Cecilia Sue. I told my kids that is what happened when you are not smart and wise enough and are used by others to further their nefarious ends. Get wise and you will lose much, even your life could be in danger. Darinne Ko was streets ahead smarter than Cecilia Sue dealing with CPIB.

We have become normal like other countries where government power must be checked. You will regret and come to grief if you give them blanket trust.

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  1. I hope CPIB can pick up the AIM case next.