Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NatGeo article I received

My elder daughter emailed me this shocking article from NatGeo.

I asked her to forward it to her close Indian friends (they are all FT families from India) for their views.

Then I decided to forward it to my younger girl copy her older sis, with the following comment.

Read the article [redacted] sent me. In the main, the tragedy is because these women were uneducated

Closer to home, the protest at Hong Lim Park is because our educated middle class has been riled up. Were the people affected exclusively our bottom 10%, these people are used to suffering silently. Those above on the social hierarchy had always exploited the labor of the underclass in menial and dirty jobs to support their lifestyle. But today the upper crust had gone even further to trample on the middle class, which never had the habit of taking in lying down. All over the world the disenfranchised middle class is fighting back. What's happening here is hardly exceptional but we are less boisterous. 

The purpose of education is freedom through self determination and the ability to make sense of the world, especially the opportunities and threats. It is not about consistently doing well in tests but we need to make good grades for the major exams.

There is a larger purpose and a more durable freedom from getting educated in the moral philosophies but we have largely lost the tradition with the advent of modern university education. We will pay a very heavy price for the loss of our moral compass.

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