Friday, February 8, 2013

CNY: The Journey Home

It wouldn't have been as convenient to share some of these gifts without Facebook. Someone I got to know at our kids' school parent support group many years ago just shared this. Although it is a Pepsi advert, I trust it must meant a lot to him because he has to work outside Singapore now. And the reason why this is so is because of the policies of this government. Problem is that his situation cannot be directly attributable to the government but it is true for many who share the same experience as him. The good master saw it long ago. When the weeds grow among the wheat you can't separate them until harvest time. It is really hard to tell now. This lands us in a situation where we blame the social and economic outcomes on this government's policies and yet you can't assign the effect atomically, which at the level of family is where we find meaning.

Anyway for every Chinese here and anywhere, good luck if your journey home is a heart journey. Stay safe if you have to fight the squeeze to get home. 

My good old friend, I hope she would quit trying to talk herself out of taking the journey home with her husband this year. Too often in-laws become out-laws.

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