Monday, January 28, 2013

WP: How to win together

I have every reason to be proud of my fellow Singaporeans. Where on the face of this earth do people vote for an opposition with such beliefs and action? How could such an opposition even exist? What you see everywhere is when you are in opposition, you oppose. It is an adversarial system. Lee Kuan Yew never expected something like this to be possible. It is the only way to successfully challenge the PAP. All other political (I didn't say opposition) parties watch and learn!

The WP have no secret manual for success. It is really up to the rest to swallow their pride and do likewise, then we shall all be winners.

This is what they mean by a First World Parliament. Well it doesn't exist anywhere else. Just like the PAP was once upon a time a very unusual political party and government.

The PAP must stop being superficial. What you do isn't as important as showing a genuine change of heart in truly putting the people first. When you do that you will find us surprisingly patient. The PAP might have to sack quite a few of its self seeking members to achieve this heart transplant. There is no way to win if you have lost your moral authority. And if you are stupid enough to fix the WP, I am sure citizens will make sure you have no opportunity to even repent. It is far smarter to compete with the WP in parliament than to fight us everywhere outside.

Hear PAP! Only one BIG IDEA: Put the people first. Not faking it and using it as an excuse to achieve something else. In other words, don't copy the CCP. Then the struggling CCP will find you curious and worth the bother again given your diminished stature after the PE defeat.

Unlike the PAP, the WP does not want to be the government at the expense of the people. That is the tradition of China's mythical early emperors. Somehow we have the audacity of hope to show that it wasn't myth.

Then we just might have something special not found anywhere else to offer the gridlocked Americans even.

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