Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why I think Koh Poh Koon will lose

Whoever in his right mind would do what Dr. Koh Poh Koon is doing, i.e., standing on a PAP ticket for a by election when the mind and heart remain conflicted. Any doubt must by now be settled. It is difficult to win otherwise. 

Trying to be your own man against the party's policies and ideology is an oxymoron. Go look for another party that you can fundamentally align with if you want to be in politics. I saw how an overwhelming number of pastors are obsessed with ministry success (big church, large membership, big money) and I opted out when I can't find a niche in a congregation. I noticed some are able to find a pocket for themselves but I was not as fortunate as they are. I still try to find my way back. My point for Koh Poh Koon? You can find a niche in the PAP to serve the people. In fact you have at Telok Blangah. But it is terribly hard to do it as an MP and impossible as a minister. 

Hear what his wife said about his campaign:

Even my wife said, "See, you want to help people, but they don't want your help"

You seems a very good man. I think they want your help but not under the PAP banner. I thought it would be a tough fight between the PAP and WP then. Now I think the PAP is going to lose and that may be a blessings in disguise for you. 

At the end of the day, I am not as much interested if Koh Poh Koon or Lee Li Lian wins as what it tells me about the voters of PE and to what extend it is true of the rest of tiny Singapore. I would be more optimistic about our future if the WP wins this round. It would show the maturity and wisdom of the voters. I am not sure this will happen because even a veteran newspaper person like Bertha Henson fails to recognize or understand Low Thia Khiang's shrewd strategy. I thought she looked at the whole issue too superficially. 

Update: 10:05am

I just came from reading Tan Cheng Bock's latest facebook note. See

Reading the response, all the more I think PAP will lose this by election.

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  1. You bother to read what Henson writes??? Were you expecting an in depth analysis from her???