Saturday, January 26, 2013

Outcome of PE by election

I cannot tell how voters now casting their ballots would choose to be their MP. You learn in the markets to ignore what you prefer and accept what the markets tell you. Takes many years to learn this. Whatever will be, will be. The voters' choice would be respected.

However you work it out quietly the significance of each outcome. I don't agree with TKL especially when he proffer his views outside financial planning. But I like the guy for his straight talking ways and plain courage.

I can only go by my own experience over several past elections. Many of us vote for the PAP as a package. There are many policies we dislike and a few key ones which we believe in. We grudgingly give them the vote especially when the alternative is not credible. My guess is that most of us are like that.

More important, those of us who do not live in Punggol East, we are likely to connect the dots we have and leave out many important dots to form the picture. Just because you can connect the dots well doesn't mean you are right. I have learned this lesson many times.

I think it was very significant that Li Lian managed to knock on every door in the estate. In the end whether we are honest enough to admit it; in fact the psychologists have strong evidence now, we vote with our hearts.

If trust for the PAP had eroded further, we will know tonight. No point guessing. Few of us are in the know.

Desmond Lim should keep trying if he is convicted of his role. Certainly he is not like those pastors fighting to keep 377A who have no skin in the game. I think he grew his faith from his experience with Chiam See Tong.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam, to me he fails to understand that he must represent the people than his late father. He is not like JBJ just as LHL isn't like LKY. Be your own man. I wouldn't be surprised if he polled the worst this time.

Now I am going to visit this post tomorrow morning to discover that I am far off the mark. This is just like the markets, you cannot get it right often enough to make money. Yet you have to figure a way to be profitable. Very character building. As Mother Teresa said, you learn to be humble only through humiliations. I laughed to myself when they present PAP candidates as humble. They sure know how to put on and act. You may not be able to explain it but you will know when you press the flesh. It was absolutely vital that Li Lian knocked on every door!


  1. I don't believe people still Trust the ruling party. Too many I speak to vote for them out of fear. Fear of many things - that their pension will be cut, that this country will fall apart (tho it is already is falling apart), that things will get even worse etc. but more than anything, of Change...

    We simply don't have the courage of those who voted for Change 53 years ago. Damn sad.

  2. If I may make some non germane remarks.

    The opposition party must win the Punggol East by-election just to rigorously wake up the PAP that there must be a total and relentless roots to branch shakeup.

    Until such time I can see for myself the waking up process is in process, the PAP will simply just pass away, hopefully peacefully and/or otherwise not.

  3. PM Lee should start the preparation of PAP's funeral in 2016,tonight announce the burial of the prostitutes from the MSM.

  4. 雙連棒擊人民行動黨-.真主至大!