Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lessons from losing Nigel and Donovan

This post is for the safety of my kids on the roads and especially to warn them about what the school and government might without using their brains tell them.

Can you believe the MOE said that? The following is what happen when safety is a collective responsibility save for some work ethic left, it is not as bad as in the picture below.

Children, safety is not a collective responsibility. SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  In an accident you are the one that get hurt or killed not anyone sharing the collective responsibility! They educate our kids with academics but not common sense! Just as when driving on the roads I often tell the rest of the family riding with me when I suffered at the hands of inconsiderate or unsafe motorists or pedestrians that I don't care who is in the right, my job is to avoid the accident. I never bring the ego into this. It is just stupid.

Now if the government, schools enact additional measures, and other road users are considerate, good for you. The rule of safety is even if they are utterly reckless you must still get out safe. Come on, even military special forces are trained this way. If only I could tell Nigel and Donovan! But I would also have told them not to cycle on our terrifying roads. Lives are just too precious to give up in a road accident.

If the kids at Tampines continue to bike to and from school, what is the government going to do to make sure that it is safe enough? I hope Baey Yam Keng (He is a good MP)  would own this. It is a bad idea to entrust this to a nameless organization like the LTA which excels at learning slowly by making painful mistakes.


  1. i fear the same for the crossing to CCK MRT station...a lot of adults are risking their lives crossing. And who's idea was it anyway to turn the place into a pick-up points considering the narrow lanes & big buses stopping to pick up workers?? Thought JE MRT got place behind done up to pick up workers? Who can we feedback this sooner or later accident prone problem to..anyone know ???

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