Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cement truck kills two young brothers

I was quiet much of last evening after reading an earlier version of this. I had also received news of a death in the family.

At 4am this morning I saw that my good old friend posted on his  facebook.

Sad day. 
2 young brothers on their bicycles was killed by cement mixer truck. 
If you read this , do pray for the breaved parents. 
Feel so sorry for them

You know the sort of prayer where there are no words? This is it. The pain is like looking down a well with no bottom.

I have blogged here sometime that I gave up cycling on the roads ever since the roads here become so dangerous.

I wished I could tell all parents to forbid their kids from cycling on the roads. Why must we repeat the painful history of the Dutch here. Yes, today the Netherlands is a cycling paradise but how many knew they had paid a very heavy price of cycling fatalities before the government acted. Unfortunately the small Netherlands is many times bigger than tiny Singapore. Where are we going to get the commitment to find space to make cycling safer? Again and again the LTA could not even get its act together to make our roads safer. Motorists run red lights all the time! Speed limits are meaningless to many of them too especially those in Ferraris. May be I noticed them more because they are so noisy.

Update: 9:20pm

Cycling on our roads is sometimes a terrifying experience.

Update: 10pm
Francis Yap, the father of the dead brothers

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  1. The LTA has yet to figure out ERP, COE, duty on muscle power ETC, for bicycles. Until they do, this may be the price for those who cannot drive, won't take taxis, buses or have chauffeurs drive them.