Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yet another Mouse purchase :-(

$85 poorer tonight because of this Arc Touch Mouse. I have never had much luck with computer mice. I just got the Explorer Touch Mouse slightly over a month ago. It felt like I have had that for a very long time and I am surprised when I check the blog entry how recent it was.

I need to fold my pinkie under the mouse which my previous Arc Mouse permitted. You can't do this with the regularly shaped mouse. Over time it cause me discomfort and then eventually pain with those kinds of mouse. I have been putting up with it for years but I shouldn't if there is an ergonomically friendlier alternative.

Well, I hope more mouse makers will make arc mice. Please bring down the price too. I am not confident that this mouse can last years. Only PC displays seem to live forever. My desktop PC is already more than three years old but not without two changes of the motherboard and a change of hard disc. Thanks to the extended warranty.

How to hold a mouse for many hours

The wrist shouldn't be bent so awkwardly. I was in a hurry to get someone to take this photo for me.

If there is space beneath the mouse, our fingers especially the pinkie naturally curls underneath it. This is the most comfortable position to hold and move a mouse.

I don't know what the views of physiotherapists and occupational therapist are. I had tried to google for their advice before without much success.

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